Tips & Tricks

This page will give general advice and tips on Shooting and Gun Care.

When was the last time you checked your master eye?

If you shoot off your right shoulder with a right master eye no problem. If you have central vision or a left master eye then you will have to close your left eye or shoot off your left shoulder. Most women have a left master eye so you must close the left eye or shoot off the left shoulder.

Keep your eye on the target?

I was watching Michael Diamond ( gold medal winner at the Sydney Olympics ) shooting at East Yorkshire G C. He had just shot 25 straight, when he came off I asked if he had any tips, he said "Keep your eye on the target". How many of us really look hard and and see a proper target before we shoot, next time you are shooting try it.

Gun Tip

Cleaning Tip

When cleaning your gun make sure there is no oil left in barrels, clean out with patches before using, an excess of oil can cause bulges in the barrels when fired.

After the shoot

Do not leave your gun in it's slip or case after being out shooting. Take it out clean it and oil it when you get home, moisture in the case or slip will cause it to rust very quickly.